Ali Wiedensohler and Jean-Philippe Abstract

Atmospheric Aerosol Physics, Physical Measurements, and Sampling

These lectures will provide fundamental and applied knowledge about aerosol physical properties, physical aerosol instrumentation as well as recommendations aerosol sampling. The lectures will be given by Prof. Dr Alfred Wiedensohler form the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research in Leipzig, Germany and Dr Jean-Philippe Putaud from the European Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy.

The lectures will be given in an interactive way that there is continuous communication between lectures and the audience. We expect that people can understand and speak English to follow the course and to contribute the lectures with questions and own experiences.

The content of the lectures is the following:

General Definitions, Particle Diameter Definitions,  Mechanical Properties, Artifact-free Sampling, Online Mass Monitors, General Sampling Considerations, Particle Counters, Particle Size Spectrometers, & Mass Closure