Center for Climate and Resilience Research

The Center for Science and Climate Resilience (CR) 2 is a center of excellence born in 2013, funded by the program priority areas (Fondap) of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT). In it converge and collaborate researchers at the University of Chile (sponsoring institution), the University of Concepción and the Universidad Austral de Chile (partner institutions). Research associates also contribute to other academic institutions.

The (CR) 2 is a center for world-class research focused on the science of the Earth system, interdisciplinary way and with a close relationship with the actors involved, aims to improve our understanding of this system and help increase resilience in Chile against variability and climate change.


Chile has a unique setting for the study of earth system science, due to the strong biophysical gradients between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, the various climatic regimes, the great variability of weather conditions, rapid economic growth and urban, and a society characterized by enormous inequities.

Such edges necessitate an interdisciplinary scientific approach adopted by researchers (CR) 2, supported by the experience and knowledge of the apparatus of the Chilean government and the private sector. Through this collaboration, it has been possible to contribute to the definition of strategies for adaptation, mitigation, development and resilience.

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